Zoho Pricing vs Base Pricing

You should research Zoho pricing as well as competing CRM prices so you can find an affordable solution. But don’t forget to look at the features and benefits of each CRM tool you research as well as test drive each option.

Zoho pricing

Why evaluate other options like Base?

It’s smart to look at more than one CRM. Base is a well-known CRM with great features that let you do sales tracking and relationship management in a way that helps you be more productive and grow your business. Not only is it easy to implement, easy to customize, and scalable as your business grows but when you compare it against Zoho pricing you’ll see why so many businesses like yours are flocking to Base.

Why is Base right for my company?

From a Zoho pricing perspective, Base is only $15 per user per month and this makes it easily affordable for small or mid-sized companies. With the ability to set it up quickly and easily in just a few minutes, you won’t need to worry about expensive IT costs. Base CRM offers a first user experience that helps you quickly and easily implement with absolutely no downtime for training your team. It’s so easy, they will just be able to sign in and use it straight away.

Can I use Base on my smartphone?

Not all CRMs work as well outside the office as they do on a computer and that’s unfortunate because busy salespeople don’t spend a whole lot of time in the office. But Base offers a fully-functional smartphone app that will work on your iOS, Windows, or Android phone. Base is the ultimate productivity tool for busy salespeople and relationship managers. When looking at Zoho pricing, be sure to keep mobile capabilities near the top of your priority list!

Can you show me how it works?

Feel free to take a free tour of Base here for 14-days. There’s no need for a credit card. Just sign up and give it a try. Those who look at Zoho pricing or pricing of any other CRM tool need to look for more than the cheapest CRM out there. Base gives you great features at a very affordable price.

When comparing Zoho pricing to other CRM vendors, add Base to your evaluation list. It will dramatically improve your sales and customer relationships. Get started today.