Top Producer comparison chart

If you need a stellar CRM, you will need to make a Top Producer comparison to other CRM interfaces. This will help you evaluate similarities and differences among the available CRM systems.

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Top Producer comparison

Compare Integrative Features of CRM Tools

Looking at a Top Producer comparison lets you see how different CRM interfaces match up to each other. While tools and features may seem similar, there are many differences that can change the way your sales force embraces the CRM you choose. Integrative features are important because you want to be able to pull your other business applications from around the web and integrate directly into the CRM you choose.

Tracking Sales Goals

Your business operates to make money. To encourage your sales reps, you must have sales goals and sales forecasts. Zendesk Sell allows you to not only track the sales you make and the deals you close, but it also allows you to create a goal tracker. You can input your data and the whole sales team can see the goals and what steps need to be taken to reach those goals. You can break it down even further by organizing which deals are profitable and which need more work to become profitable. With a Top Producer comparison you can compare sales features of the CRM system and how well it will integrate into your sales process.

Compare CRM Dashboards

The Zendesk Sell dashboard is where you get an overall glimpse of your business. You can see your sales pipeline, contacts, emails, calls, and notes from sales reps. An easily navigated dashboard is important for your sales reps, so when making a Top Producer comparison you want to insure that the dashboard features are intuitive and allow your sales team to quickly peruse important information without having to dig deep into the CRM. With Zendesk Sell, your sales reps get the data they need at a quick glance.

Compare Zendesk Sell when Shopping

You must be attentive when shopping for a CRM. You don't want to stop at a Top Producer comparison and consider your research finished. There are so many different features and tools within Zendesk Sell that if you don't compare it when considering a purchase, you will be missing out on a CRM that could change the way you do business.

When searching for a Top Producer comparison, add Zendesk Sell to your evaluation list. It will dramatically improve your sales and customer relationships. Get started today.