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Need to customize a CRM system for your business? Start by conducting a SugarCRM comparison to determine which CRM offers the best customization choices.

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SugarCRM comparison

Explore Benefits of a CRM through Comparisons

Comparing CRMs to find the best one for your business is what every smart business owner does. With an influx of new CRM systems, it can become overwhelming trying to determine which system works the best. When doing a SugarCRM comparison, you want to evaluate how simple the training process is for your sales team, how intuitive the interface is, how well the data displays in the CRM, and whether or not the mobile capabilities are efficient for your sales reps. Once you conduct a basic comparison, you will know which one is right for you.

Mobile Apps and CRM Ubiquity

When you do a SugarCRM comparison, you need to evaluate how the CRM works on a mobile device. Zendesk Sell offers a mobile CRM app that works well on Windows, Android, and iOS smartphones. Your sales team should be able to access all features of the CRM. There shouldn't be any reason for a sales rep to have to return to the office to input information into the CRM. Zendesk Sell allows sales reps to work anywhere in the world and add the information directly into the CRM from the mobile app.

Reports Help Track Success

It's important to do a SugarCRM comparison on the type of sales reports you can get from the CRM. With Zendesk Sell, you are able to see reports on your sales pipeline, your goals, your marketing success, and the calls you place using Zendesk Sell Voice. The CRM automatically tracks information for you, so you don't need to waste time with data input in order to create insightful analytical reports. Reports can also be tagged and organized by team, sales rep, or date.

More Ways to Compare Zendesk Sell

You can do a Zendesk Sell to SugarCRM comparison and follow up with comparisons to other popular vendors. However, to really get a feel for Zendesk Sell and get feedback from your sales team, you should try Zendesk Sell for free. When you sign up for the free trial, your entire company gets all of the features available from Zendesk Sell for a limited time. This is the best way to make comparisons and evaluate the features and tools of a CRM.

When searching for a SugarCRM comparison, add Zendesk Sell to your evaluation list. It will dramatically improve your sales and customer relationships. Get started today.