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Acceptd streamlines the college admissions process for students applying to Arts programs. Whether you are a dancer or a musician; regular old college resumes just don't cut it. Acceptd gives college programs a method to efficiently find the best candidates and enables applicants to find the school that's the best fit for them. Derek Brown, the Founder & CEO, manages client relationships and partnerships. Derek uses Base for it's flexibility and simplicity. Listen to what Derek has to say about Base.

Spreadsheets couldn't match the power of Base

Before using Base we used a combination of Google Docs, Insightly, Email, and dabbled with Salesforce. Base has since simplified all of these tools into one.

Building Relationships With Customers

Base has allowed our company to manage our relationships with potential universities much better. We can now easily track when we make contact with a university and remember exactly when to follow up. We visually track where we are in our relationship with a university. This ends up creating a more personalized experience for our potential client, allowing us to put our best foot forward.

Taking Ownership of Contacts

Base has helped our business grow by allowing our team to take ownership of certain universities and providing tools to manage the relationship from first contact through the time they agree to work with us. Since we started using Base we have added hundreds of universities to our pipeline.

Custom Fields to Fit Your Business

What I like most about Base is the Dropbox integration and the ability to add custom fields. For us, it was important to be able to customize the stages of a deal and quickly see which universities were in each phase.

What Were You Looking For in a CRM?

Flexibility and SIMPLICITY. We found most of the CRM software out there overly complicated. Because we are a software company ourselves we wanted something clean, intuitive, and well-designed. I think we got all three with Base.

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We found most of the software out there overly complicated...we wanted something clean, intuitive and well-designed. I think we got all three with Base.

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Acceptd Co-Founders Derek Brown & Don Hunter are constantly on the road working to grow their business. Base helps them stay connected even when they are away from the office.