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APPEK Apps' mission is to provide ordinary mobile technology users with an extraordinary mobile technology experience. Appek helps a wide range of comapnies build a mobile vision and then bring it to life. By offering all services in house, Appek can remain flexible to changes during the entirety of the project. Adam Ceresko, the Co-Founder and CEO of APPEK Apps, uses Base because of the unified address book and the pipeline management.

Base Crushed It!

When we decided to commit to a CRM, we benchmarked three different products, SalesForce, Highrise and Base. Highrise feel short, SalesForce just had way too many features and Base crushed it! As a design shop, we were very impressed by both the interface and feature set that Base offered.

We use Base for two main purposes, as a unified address book and as a pipeline management tool.

Centralized Contacts

Before we implemented Base, we had no official database for all the company’s contacts. They were all spread out over Basecamp, email, etc. Now we can quickly search all contacts in one place, from any platform.

Pipeline Management

A few months back in a monthly meeting with our investors, they asked for a summary of the pipeline, the number of clients in each stage and what was the best source of closed deals. At that time we realized we needed a CRM to organize all of our leads!


Base forces each person to be accountable for his or her leads. At a quick glance, it’s quick to tell who is reaching their goals.


All of the above falls apart without effective communication. Base allows us to write notes, set reminders and collaborate on all deals, easily.

Dropbox Integration

Aside from all the major features, we love the integration with DropBox. Base makes it very easy to create a folder for each deal. By adding this extra layer of organization, all member of the APPEK sales team know exactly where to put all estimates, invoices, spec sheets, etc. for any given project. Once a deal is won, all that information is centralized for the design / development team to get started.

Update Base From Anywhere

As a mobile app shop, we give the thumbs up to both the iPhone and Android app. The design, as expected, is clean, simple and intuitive. It doesn’t offer all features of the website, but the Base team did a good job of focusing on the most important ones, which allow us to keep an eye on all deals from anywhere.

The best feature mobile offers is the ability to add contact info on the go! Immediately after networking with a potential client, they are entered into the system for the entire team to see.

Become A Success Story

Overall, Base has been a smashing success for APPEK. The increased organization, accountability and communication have been a direct result of using the product.

If we were to recommend one piece of advice to businesses considering Base, it would be to dedicate yourself to using the CRM, whether you are using Base or not. Base was a perfect fit for APPEK, but the tool is only as good as the effort you put into it. APPEK has made it a priority to use Base to its full potential and has already showed dividends – we’ve already closed 2 deals in 2 weeks!

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Highrise feel short, SalesForce just had way too many features and Base crushed it!

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APPEK has also released a few apps of their own. Most famous is Face-Invaders, an iPad game that marries Facebook to Space Invaders. They received some great press for it including both TechCrunch and Gizmodo.

adam from appek

Adam Ceresko, the Co-Founder and CEO of Appek Apps