Smartphone pipeline manager

A good customer relationship management tool can be a great one if it offers a smartphone pipeline manager. Being able to update and access deals securely from anywhere can help you better manage and grow your business.

A smartphone pipeline manager Can Give You a Visual Sales Pipeline

If you want your small businesses to grow and thrive continuously, there are great software and hardware tools that can assist you and make you more productive. Computers, software, and mobile phones can enable you to work from anywhere. A smartphone pipeline manager is an example of a great tool for business owners and staff who need to be really effective --- even when away from the office.

Update Deals from Anywhere with a smartphone pipeline manager

Busy people don't want to wait until they're back at their desk to update their CRM. A smartphone pipeline manager can give you the ability to update people, deals, notes, tasks, and other details on the fly. If you have to stop and catch up with your CRM updates, there is a chance you'll forget and that CRM is only as good as the info in it. Updating a regular web-based CRM on a smartphone isn't always easy, either. A small smartphone screen doesn't support all websites. Using a smartphone pipeline manager that was specifically designed for your device makes updating with a few clicks or touches to the screen simple.

Grow Your Business

How does a CRM with a smartphone pipeline manager help you grow your business? A smartphone pipeline manager lets you unplug from the desk without unplugging from vital information. A clear picture of your forecast, the amount of dollars in the pipeline for the next 30 days, and a dashboard that gives you a bird's eye view into every deal on your radar can save you time and help you focus on what's most important. That focus can help you guide more potential deals over the finish line instead of having your time eaten up having you doing data entry.

Base: Free, Easy, Effective, and Unpluggable!

Base can run at your desk, on your tablet, and it can run on your smartphone. The user interface is simple but robust. This tool leverages a smartphone pipeline manager that's powerful enough to work well and simple enough to make it practical. When you've got your finger on the pulse of your business, you're bound to be more strategic and Base can help you. There's another reason you should use Base. You don't have to pay for it. That's right; you're just ten seconds away from using it and benefiting from it --- for free.

Base is the fastest growing smartphone pipeline manager on the market. It will dramatically improve your sales and customer relationships. Get started today.