SAP CRM comparison chart

Are you shopping around with the intention to purchase a new CRM for your business? A SAP CRM comparison is a great jumping off point for evaluating different brands.

SAP CRM comparison

CRM Comparison Shopping Made Easy

If you're engaging in a SAP CRM comparison then you're a smart worker who understands how important a good customer relationship management tool is for your growth and profits. Base is a customer management tool meant to help you foster the customer relations you've worked hard to build. Base CRM puts all of your contact information and sales leads in an easily accessible dashboard that allows you to quickly pull up the information you need.

Lead Management Tools Help Growth

It's imperative that you efficiently manage incoming leads. Base CRM allows you to organize your leads by deal, by contact, and by sales rep. You can use Base to organize your leads by source, so that you know if a lead came from a personal contact, a business card, or a trade show. You can also add tags and field names, assign leads to certain sales reps, and monitor their progress as the deal flows. When you make a SAP CRM comparison make sure you evaluate all the aspects of lead management.

Compare CRM Dashboards

The Base dashboard is where you get an overall glimpse of your business. You can see your sales pipeline, contacts, emails, calls, and notes from sales reps. An easily navigated dashboard is important for your sales reps, so when making a SAP CRM comparison you want to insure that the dashboard features are intuitive and allow your sales team to quickly peruse important information without having to dig deep into the CRM. With Base, your sales reps get the data they need at a quick glance.

How Do I Compare Further?

You can complete a SAP CRM comparison by using a Base free trial to experience how Base compares to other competing CRM systems. It's important to understand the full range of what Base can do for your company, so downloading the free trial lets you immerse yourself in all of the features and tools of Base.

When searching for a SAP CRM comparison, add Base to your evaluation list. It will dramatically improve your sales and customer relationships. Get started today.