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Still using a spreadsheets and templates to track your sales? You may be missing out on important opportunities to grow sales and free up your time.

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Are spreadsheets and templates a part of your sales tracking and contact management routine?

If so, you may be wasting lots of time on administrative overhead and missing out on opportunities to improve your sales process to win more deals.

Take the pain away. Free up your time

One of the biggest challenges small business owners face on a daily basis is not having enough time to get everything done. If you’re using a sales tracking template to track your sales, chances are you’re wasting time managing versions, wrestling to generate meaningful sales reports, and fiddling with cell formulas and colors. You can’t afford to spend hours a week on administrative stuff. Templates and spreadsheets are the old and painful way of tracking sales.

It’s time to upgrade to a simple sales tracking app that’s built from the ground up to help you manage your sales pipeline. A sales tracking app helps small businesses like yours get organized, manage follow-ups, and win more sales. And best of all, it’ll free up all that time you’re spending now on administrative stuff and let you focus on doing what you actually love!

Your sales tracking template wasn't built to help you with client follow-ups

Quick follow-ups are a MUST to win business and referrals. The fact is that only 2% of business is won on the first contact. It takes up to a dozen contacts to win the vast majority of business deals. That’s because follow-ups and consistency build trust and rapport with your customers. This is a critical area where sales tracking templates fall way short.

Using a simple CRM app to organize all your lead information in one place helps you keep notes and set up reminders for each opportunity very quickly. Being organized lets you make more effective follow-ups and helps you win more deals. Using a simple CRM to track your sales will allow you to put all important lead information (like your prospect’s contact information, conversation notes, and deal details) in one easy-to- access place. You can also set up task reminders to help you proactively manage follow-ups. You can even store all your email conversations back and forth with a prospect under each deal using an email dropbox feature. This makes follow-ups much more effective because it allows you to read up on past conversations with a prospect and get up to speed on what’s previously been discussed with her.

Get Visual! Track your sales with a funnel

A sales CRM will help you track sales in a visual way using a funnel with a few simple stages. Doing so will give you visual clarity about your sales pipeline that rows and columns in a spreadsheet template won’t provide.

Why is it important to track your sales in a visual way with a funnel? Because there are critical insights you should have about your sales pipeline, such as where your leads are coming from, which stage each one is currently sitting in, and what the top reasons for lost deals are. For example, you can see which stage you’re losing most of your deals in by viewing a report called a funnel report. If the report shows that you’re losing many deals in a “quoting” stage, it might mean that you’re not preparing your quotes fast enough or that your quotes are not effective.

How to start tracking your sales with a CRM today

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