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Stop a sales template from stealing your precious time

If you're still relying on manual tools such as a sales template to help you plan time and manage customer activities, you don't know what you're missing. A sales template isn't doing you any favors in terms of time management.

Why is a sales template archaic?

A sales template that many people use, doesn't work with sales funnel methodologies. Sales funnels involve inserting clients in and systematically walking them through the sales cycle. There's nothing automatic about a sales template. It's not going to alert or remind you of when to take action and it's not going to help you discover what went wrong in the sales process when leads didn't turn into wins. With a sales template, you're running things very manually --- which goes against the idea of the sales funnel.

Proactive sales people close more deals

What is a sales template you're using now doing to help you close deals? What's it doing to help you be more proactive? People who use a more automated solution get more things done in a day. It's easier to prioritize tasks when you've got an overview of everything that's happening, divided by what stage the deal is at. A sales template isn't that intuitive!

Zendesk Sell: A Great Visual Sales Tracking CRM

What does Zendesk Sell do that a sales template doesn't? For starters, it helps you manage every stage of the sales pipeline for every deal you're working on. It also helps you create and manage tasks within a calendar and it helps you keep a centralized repository of info about each client and prospect you have. It also lets you collaborate with others. Thinking it must cost a lot of money? Nope. Zendesk Sell is free, too. Start using it today to begin benefiting from a visual sales tracking tool that can help you be better at your job.

Zendesk Sell is the fastest growing sales template on the market. It will dramatically improve your sales and customer relationships. Get started today.