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It's time to stop using a sales reporting excel?

If you're using a sales reporting excel to take care of all of your sales activities, it's important for you to realize that not only is this not the best way to manage your sales pipeline and customer relationships but it's also potentially harmful to those relationships. Not only is a sales reporting excel not very automated but it can be inadvertently altered, deleted, or lost, especially if it just sits on your hard drive and isn't backed up on a continuous basis. How detrimental to your workday and your profits would losing a sales reporting excel you've relied on be?

Why is a sales reporting excel archaic?

A sales reporting excel that many people use, doesn't work with sales funnel methodologies. Sales funnels involve inserting clients in and systematically walking them through the sales cycle. There's nothing automatic about a sales reporting excel. It's not going to alert or remind you of when to take action and it's not going to help you discover what went wrong in the sales process when leads didn't turn into wins. With a sales reporting excel, you're running things very manually --- which goes against the idea of the sales funnel.

How a better solution than a sales reporting excel could positively impact your business.

A sales reporting excel and manual methods of tracking are something that leave far too much room for omissions, errors, and technology failures that could be debilitating. Conversely, a more automated solution can help you plan in advance, set reminders for customer contact, share information internally regarding sales forecasting, and more.

How do you upgrade a sales reporting excel to a better solution?

Zendesk Sell is a simple customer relationship management tool with excellent sales pipeline tracking and reporting features that you can implement today. It will help you track, manage, and share data that can help you do better at following up and being more proactive instead of working in reaction mode. There's nothing to download, nothing to pay, and it's easy to use. And unlike a sales reporting excel, it's also secure.

Zendesk Sell is the fastest growing sales reporting excel on the market. It will dramatically improve your sales and customer relationships. Get started today.