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Why a sales prospecting spreadsheet is ineffective for contact management

If you need to manage relationships in order to attain profit, either because you're in sales or because you're a freelancer or consultant, a sales prospecting spreadsheet that many people in your position are using just isn't good enough for effective contact management. If you, too, are using a sales prospecting spreadsheet to keep track of everyone and everything you're counting on for profit, you need to know that this isn't the best way to grow your business or manage your time.

A sales prospecting spreadsheet doesn't help you manage your time

When all you're using is a long list of fragmented information, this doesn't help you with time management. In fact, many people who use a sales prospecting spreadsheet for customer relationship management are often trying to play catch-up and don't know what it's like to be proactive rather than reactive. A lot of time is spent reacting instead of planning. And a sales prospecting spreadsheet isn't secure, either. It'd be very easy to lose all of your information. What would that do to your productivity?

How a better solution than a sales prospecting spreadsheet could positively impact your business.

A sales prospecting spreadsheet and manual methods of tracking are something that leave far too much room for omissions, errors, and technology failures that could be debilitating. Conversely, a more automated solution can help you plan in advance, set reminders for customer contact, share information internally regarding sales forecasting, and more.

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