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There are things a sales pipeline template just can't do

Some people think that using a sales pipeline template to track what's happening with clients is a free, easy, and worthwhile way to do things. But doing things this way doesn't help you improve your productivity. In fact, it could hold you back.

A sales pipeline template doesn't help you manage your time

When all you're using is a long list of fragmented information, this doesn't help you with time management. In fact, many people who use a sales pipeline template for customer relationship management are often trying to play catch-up and don't know what it's like to be proactive rather than reactive. A lot of time is spent reacting instead of planning. And a sales pipeline template isn't secure, either. It'd be very easy to lose all of your information. What would that do to your productivity?

Can you track success and failures with a sales pipeline template?

A sales pipeline template method of managing contacts and deals also fails to keep track of results. The only way you can use it is to continually update comments and the larger the file gets, the more difficult it is to navigate to the information you need. More than one salesperson or business owner has lost a sales pipeline template that contained important info too, and then had to re-build their contacts and sales pipeline from scratch. A time-consuming task you probably want no part of!

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