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There are things a sales pipeline spreadsheet template just can't do

Some people think that using a sales pipeline spreadsheet template to track what's happening with clients is a free, easy, and worthwhile way to do things. But doing things this way doesn't help you improve your productivity. In fact, it could hold you back.

Still tracking sales and clients manually?

Tracking things manually on a sales pipeline spreadsheet template does allow you to keep a running list of things that are happening but there are a lot of things that it can't do. It can't help you manage tasks. It won't prompt you to contact clients to follow up, and it doesn't work very well to provide a dashboard view of things that are current versus historical or upcoming. Trying to keep it straight can get confusing after a while, especially if you're busy. And the wrong keystroke in cutting and pasting could mean lost information or the wrong data. The bigger a sales pipeline spreadsheet template gets, the more difficult it is to stay organized and of course you know that the bigger it gets, the more you need it to be organized.

Proactive sales people close more deals

What is a sales pipeline spreadsheet template you're using now doing to help you close deals? What's it doing to help you be more proactive? People who use a more automated solution get more things done in a day. It's easier to prioritize tasks when you've got an overview of everything that's happening, divided by what stage the deal is at. A sales pipeline spreadsheet template isn't that intuitive!

Gain more insight by upgrading a sales pipeline spreadsheet template to a better solution

Zendesk Sell does more than just list your deals. It helps you place them in various parts of the sales funnel and move them along with just a few clicks. This gives you a visual look at your sales funnel that can help you know where action is needed. Zendesk Sell also provides valuable insight about your business and your customers through reporting features as well. It can help you more effectively manage everything on your radar and help you better manage all your client relationships. Start using Zendesk Sell now by entering your email address.

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