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Looking for a sales pipeline report template? Learn why dedicated software is a better idea for sales pipeline reporting.

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What are Sales Pipeline Reports?

Sales pipeline reports can be a great tracking, forecasting, and task management tool for salespeople in any niche market. And if you’re looking for a sales pipeline report template you can find many options available that you can use that are available for free download. Downloading a sales pipeline report template can help you create simple sales pipeline reports via a template that already has some logical headings in it and it might even do simple calculations for you. But if you settle for using a standalone sales pipeline report template, yes, you are tracking your sales but you’re not going to receive the same benefits as if you were using dedicated software. Dedicated software offers you a robust way to manage your sales pipeline and the ability to take your sales pipeline reporting to the next level. (A level where the information can help you grow your business and better manage your customer base!)

Why do you need dedicated software rather than a template?

As a sales person, you have to juggle a lot of different things happening at any given time. Keeping track of everything is no easy feat. If you don’t find a way to do it, you’ll start dropping balls and missing out (and losing money!). Dedicated software makes entering information easy and it makes extracting information even easier. Your pipeline report is only as good as your inputs so streamlining the way you put the information in is a wise decision. Dedicated software helps you get a bird’s eye view of sales activities or it helps you drill down to nitty gritty details. With software, you’re not just going to look at big spreadsheet filled with numbers and then be left to find ways to make sense of it. Dedicated software for sales pipeline reporting can also help you with customer relationship management by presenting information in a visually logical way. This could enable you to better manage your customer relationships as well as track numbers for your forecast. You can add alerts, to-do items, and if you buy the right sort of dedicated software for sales pipeline reporting, you’ll be able to collaborate with others as well. This can be ideal for sales teams and for sales management who will benefit from being able to access live and up-to-date information rather than continually asking sales people for the latest copy of their pipeline report.

What are the other benefits of dedicated software?

Dedicated software provides numerous benefits over a sales pipeline report template. Not only are all the fields in place for robust information gathering but this sort of tool is much more collaborative than a simple spreadsheet. It’s also a safer and more secure way to store vital information. Some sales pipeline reporting tools are available via cloud computing, which means that you can access it by logging in securely, rather than having to have access to the specific computer the spreadsheet resides on. Dedicated software for your sales pipeline reporting will also have much more robust capabilities, such as data extraction. And if you’re a sales manager, this type of tool can also be an invaluable aid in helping you measure individual sales rep performance as well as customer performance, too.

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