Sales pipeline management template

Still using a sales pipeline management template to manage your sales pipeline? You are missing out on important opportunities to grow your business and free your time.

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A sales pipeline management template is holding you back

A lot of people use a sales pipeline management template to help them manage customers, manage their leads, and keep track of their sales forecast. While they think they can use a sales pipeline management template to track what's happening with clients, there are a lot of things that a sales pipeline management template can't do.

There's a more effective way to track your sales and relationships

Automated tools can be easy to implement and hosted in a way that makes them auto update and auto sync while you're on the go. This can be highly valuable to a salesperson that does a lot of traveling to meet clients or for a salesperson who regularly works from home. A more automated solution makes collaboration possible where a sales pipeline management template solution does not. This also means that you can extract valuable information, assign tasks, keep important emails and reports in a central location accessible by everyone who needs access and it can help you more effectively plan your time so that you're working on the most profitable tasks possible.

Proactive sales people close more deals

What is a sales pipeline management template you're using now doing to help you close deals? What's it doing to help you be more proactive? People who use a more automated solution get more things done in a day. It's easier to prioritize tasks when you've got an overview of everything that's happening, divided by what stage the deal is at. A sales pipeline management template isn't that intuitive!

There is a better way with Zendesk Sell

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