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A sales management template is holding you back

A lot of people use a sales management template to help them manage customers, manage their leads, and keep track of their sales forecast. While they think they can use a sales management template to track what's happening with clients, there are a lot of things that a sales management template can't do.

Improve forecasting, deal tracking, and CRM

A sales management template might have served you reasonably well in the past but part of the reason for that is that you probably didn't know there was an easier way to do things. More automated software lets you share this info without having to email the most current version, lets you collaborate on projects with others, allows you to attach contracts, quotes, emails, and other documentation to your dashboard so that you have everything in one place, and it can help you get revealing reports that can help you with strategic planning for the future. A sales management template won't do these things for you.

How a better solution than a sales management template could positively impact your business.

A sales management template and manual methods of tracking are something that leave far too much room for omissions, errors, and technology failures that could be debilitating. Conversely, a more automated solution can help you plan in advance, set reminders for customer contact, share information internally regarding sales forecasting, and more.

Zendesk Sell can help you

A sales management template that you're using today isn't your only choice for managing your day and making sure that you keep centralized records effectively and securely. The Zendesk Sell option is an easy to use hosted customer relationship management tool that will help you be proactive, help you close more deals, and better manage your relationships. Sign up today and start using it right away so you can see why so many sales people prefer it to a sales management template.

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