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A sales management excel is holding you back

A lot of people use a sales management excel to help them manage customers, manage their leads, and keep track of their sales forecast. While they think they can use a sales management excel to track what's happening with clients, there are a lot of things that a sales management excel can't do.

Why is a sales management excel archaic?

A sales management excel that many people use, doesn't work with sales funnel methodologies. Sales funnels involve inserting clients in and systematically walking them through the sales cycle. There's nothing automatic about a sales management excel. It's not going to alert or remind you of when to take action and it's not going to help you discover what went wrong in the sales process when leads didn't turn into wins. With a sales management excel, you're running things very manually --- which goes against the idea of the sales funnel.

Streamline your sales activities and boost productivity

Instead of letting a sales management excel hold you back, consider upgrading to something that is easier to use and that provides you with more value. No, it doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars and several weeks to implement. It can be simple to use and provide many more bells and whistles than a sales management excel.

A Much More Automated Solution

The Zendesk Sell Starter edition is a free and excellent alternative to a sales management excel you're using. By using this easy and effective tool to track contacts, deals, and relationships, you can better manage your daily activities and become more proactive. You can also gather insightful information about your business through robust reporting. Sign up for free and see why it's better for you and for your customers.

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