Sales funnel spreadsheet

Don't risk loosing data when you manage your sales with a sales funnel spreadsheet. Why not use great and free online tools to effectively track your sales?

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Stop a sales funnel spreadsheet from stealing your precious time

If you're still relying on manual tools such as a sales funnel spreadsheet to help you plan time and manage customer activities, you don't know what you're missing. A sales funnel spreadsheet isn't doing you any favors in terms of time management.

Benefits of a visual sales tracking tool

Unlike a sales funnel spreadsheet, a visual pipeline management tool doesn't require scrolling to find information. It provides you with a general overview of things that you can then drill deeper with. A sales funnel spreadsheet doesn't offer these types of features and benefits and it doesn't alert you to potential issues and problems that could be corrected before they happen. A specially designed visual sales tracking tool also won't result in accidental loss of information which can so easily happen with a sales funnel spreadsheet.

The importance of a good CRM tool

A good customer relationship management tool helps you be better at serving your customers in the funnel. A sales funnel spreadsheet that you use today doesn't really help you do that. Sure, it provides you with a list of information but it doesn't do very much else, does it? A sales funnel's stages can be better tracked using a CRM tool that's automated. This helps you manage the sales process and manage all your clients, too.

Zendesk Sell-Effective, Free, and Easy to Use

Zendesk Sell is an excellent alternative to a sales funnel spreadsheet . It's hosted online, offers you safe and secure access, and has many features and benefits that have resulted in amazing reviews from people trying out this simple customer relationship management and sales pipeline tracking tool. Why not try it today? The Starter edition is free and could easily replace a sales funnel spreadsheet you're using in a way that makes your relationship management activities more productive and more profitable.

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