Sales funnel excel

Excel spreadsheets and templates are a product of the past. Innovative, powerful and free online software will make managing your sales and contacts easier and more secure.

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Stop a sales funnel excel from stealing your precious time

If you're still relying on manual tools such as a sales funnel excel to help you plan time and manage customer activities, you don't know what you're missing. A sales funnel excel isn't doing you any favors in terms of time management.

Are you forgetting important tasks?

A sales funnel excel might keep info in a central place for you but it doesn't sort than info into any sort of usable calendar. If you're juggling multiple contacts and deals, having a calendar of tasks that notifies you with reminders and associated data could make a big difference to your productivity. A sales funnel excel doesn't have features that do this for you. It also doesn't tell you about the next 30 days of your work schedule in a visual way with number of deals, dollar values, and the stages each deal is in.

How a better solution than a sales funnel excel could positively impact your business.

A sales funnel excel and manual methods of tracking are something that leave far too much room for omissions, errors, and technology failures that could be debilitating. Conversely, a more automated solution can help you plan in advance, set reminders for customer contact, share information internally regarding sales forecasting, and more.

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