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What is Sales Tracking?

Looking for a sales Excel template to help you better track your sales activities? Sure, a template is better than nothing but if you’re relying on a sales Excel template to help you manage your client base, you’re going to find it laborious and you’re going to waste a lot of cycles on something that’s sort of futile. An excel template won’t be very good at helping you manage your time. It won’t help you analyze customer activities very effectively. It’s not very collaborative by nature, either. It also won’t help you generate reports that tell you what’s happening with your customers, and it doesn’t aid you with root cause analysis when you lose deals to competitors. Another thing that the template won’t do is prompt you six months from now to call someone you haven’t heard from in a while that mentioned allocated budget for their next project in six months. An Excel template really isn’t all that much better from a CRM perspective than Post-It notes all over your office. A dedicated sales tracking software will help you take your sales efforts to the next level.

How can dedicated sales software help me?

Dedicated sales software that is designed to help sales people track their activities and manage their client relationships can automate so many things in your day to day job. It can also help you collaborate with others by sharing information with them. A dedicated sales software solution can help you manage your relationships with existing customers and with prospects, it can help you with every stage of your sales funnel, and it can help you extract information that can help you be progressively better at your job while streamlining processes and saving you time. Software like this is also a savior to sales managers who want and need to track overall forecasts and individual sales person or sales team performance.

Free your time and focus on the right things

Sales people are busy. Time is money. They’ve got deals in progress, potential things cooking up, and they’ve got existing customers that they need to remember to continually contact and nurture relationships with. In terms of salesperson productivity, sales tracking and customer relationship management software does so much more than an Excel spreadsheet does. It can help you more effectively juggle and automate some of your prospecting activities. It helps you follow up at key intervals throughout the sales funnel process so that you can help direct leads and turn them into opportunities for quotes and then handhold those quotes until they turn into purchase orders. It can also help you manage existing relationships so that customers re-enter the sales funnel soon after leaving it. Sales Excel templates might let you do an auto sum calculation and let you highlight a field so you can remember to check on something tomorrow but there are so many things it just can’t do as effectively as a CRM and sales tracking tool. It’s also not very secure. Imagine if you forgot to back it up and all your information was lost?

Ditch these sales excel templates

Instead of looking for a better sales Excel template than what your current system is, why not look at getting into the 21st century. There are free sales tracking solutions such as Zendesk Sell that can help you kick up your CRM and sales tracking efforts substantially. Try Zendesk Sell today so you can see why it’s so much better than a spreadsheet.

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