Sage CRM trial vs Zendesk Sell trial

Integration and mobile features are important in a powerful CRM. Use a free Sage CRM trial to start your research and pick a CRM solution that's right for your company.

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Find Out Which CRM Works for You by Looking at a Free Trial

When you shop for a CRM, you need to narrow down your choices by using a Sage CRM trial to compare to other CRM interfaces. It can feel overwhelming to research all of your options when it comes to customer relationship management tools, but having a clear picture of what your business needs in order to grow and operate efficiently is important to finding the right tools.

Does Zendesk Sell Help with Customer Relations?

Zendesk Sell can help you maintain the customer relationships you've worked so hard to obtain. By providing an easy interface for your sales team, it takes only minutes for a sales rep to update the CRM with new information on a contact. If a rep makes a call to a contact, that call can be logged and the rep can provide notes for other team members. This way a whole team can know what's going on with each contact, even if they've never had any personal contact with that contact before. You can also manage the sales reps and see how well certain reps work with contacts, allowing you to make any necessary changes. Make sure your Sage CRM trial explains its' customer relationship tools to insure that you compare accurately to other CRM systems.

Is Zendesk Sell Easy to Setup?

Zendesk Sell requires little to no training because of its intuitive interface. Your sales team can easily implement Zendesk Sell and start using it to track sales and customers. Zendesk Sell lets you put leads directly into the system, merge contacts from your email provider, and integrate mobile capabilities for field sales agents. A Sage CRM trial is a great way to see how easy Zendesk Sell is to set up compared to other systems.

Does Zendesk Sell Have a Free Trial?

Zendesk Sell offers all prospective teams a 14-day free trial. With this trial, you have access to all of the same features as a paying user. You can use this free trial to explore Zendesk Sell and determine if it meets your needs. When you take advantage of a Zendesk Sell free trial, make sure to compare it to a Sage CRM trial before making a purchasing decision.

If you are in the middle of your CRM search and starting a Sage CRM trial, add Zendesk Sell to your top CRM solutions. It will dramatically improve your sales and customer relationships. Try it out today.