Podio Pricing vs Base Pricing

Looking at Podio pricing to find out if it’s in your price range? Affordability, functionality, and user adoption are all important when implementing a CRM.

Podio pricing

What makes Base a contender?

There are many different CRM tools to compare and it’s important to compare features and benefits as well as Podio pricing. Base is getting an increasing amount of attention and recognition for strong features and usability, especially when compared to competing CRM options. This sales tracking tool does more than log clients and deals. It also offers great integration with other tools as well as insightful reporting features for users and managers, too. And salespeople don’t need to take a course to learn how to use it. It’s intuitive and works the way you work. With a few clicks or screen swipes you can be logging your deals and generating data that could help you with growth, too.

Why is Base right for my company?

From a Podio pricing perspective, Base is only $15 per user per month and this makes it easily affordable for small or mid-sized companies. With the ability to set it up quickly and easily in just a few minutes, you won’t need to worry about expensive IT costs. Base CRM offers a first user experience that helps you quickly and easily implement with absolutely no downtime for training your team. It’s so easy, they will just be able to sign in and use it straight away.

Can I use Base outside the office?

Base is, as all CRMs should be --- totally mobile. A CRM shouldn’t tie you to your desk. A CRM should help you be free to grow your territory and boost your success. Base doesn’t require you to be at your office. It has a fully capable smartphone app that lets you quickly and easily update your deals on the fly. You can also access great robust reports that help you see where you can pinpoint efforts for enhanced success. When you compare Podio pricing to Base pricing and look at the features and benefits, look at the tools against one another so you can see where the pros and cons are for each option. A demo is a great way to do that.

How do I compare further?

Regardless of whether you’re looking at Podio pricing alone or comparing pricing and features of several tools you owe it to yourself to check out the Base 14-day free trial. There’s no commitment and you can see whether or not it suits the needs and wants of your business. Try it today!

When comparing Podio pricing to other CRM vendors, add Base to your evaluation list. It will dramatically improve your sales and customer relationships. Get started today.