Oracle Pricing vs Base Pricing

Finding an affordable and effective CRM is why you’re looking up Oracle pricing but make sure you look at some additional options, too, to ensure you choose something that’s not only affordable but effective, as well.

Oracle pricing

Reasons to consider Base CRM

Those looking at Oracle pricing are looking at a cost per user but should also look at ongoing costs as well as efficacy of the CRM they are considering. Base CRM feedback from customers includes positive reviews about the fact that it’s easy to implement, works exceptionally well, and doesn’t require sales training. And with great cloud-based features and insightful reporting, it makes it not only easy to access and update but provides great business intelligence to help you forge ahead confidently, ready to achieve your sales goals, too.

What does Base integrate with?

Comparing just Oracle pricing without looking at integrations with other applications can leave a business owner exposed to extra costs down the road when they have to make tools work together that don’t do that automatically. Base, though, integrates well with a number of software tools like email, social media, and your website. At only $15 per user each month you’ll have a plethora of features and benefits that aren’t available with many other CRM tools and you won’t have to worry about administration as Base is cloud-based and supported by the makers of Base, Future Simple.

What about mobile capabilities?

When you compare Oracle pricing or pricing of any other CRM tool, think about capabilities, too --- especially mobile capabilities. You need a CRM and sales tracking tool that you can fit in your pocket and use from anywhere and on any device. Base mobile CRM works just as well as Base for the desktop, enabling you and your team to stay connected and in tune with the sales pipeline wherever they are.

How do I compare further?

Regardless of whether you’re looking at Oracle pricing alone or comparing pricing and features of several tools you owe it to yourself to check out the Base 14-day free trial. There’s no commitment and you can see whether or not it suits the needs and wants of your business. Try it today!

When comparing Oracle pricing to other CRM vendors, add Base to your evaluation list. It will dramatically improve your sales and customer relationships. Get started today.