Oracle Dashboard vs Zendesk Sell Dashboard

A Zendesk Sell or Oracle dashboard can tell you a lot about what the tool has to offer. Look closely to ensure you choose the right one.

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Oracle dashboard

A CRM Dashboard Can Tell You A Lot About a CRM Tool

A CRM dashboard can drive sales performance in a big way. By seeing in clear and concise detail what needs your immediate attention, you can prioritize your day and get more done. If you look at a variety of CRM dashboards, be sure to look for one that’s easy to use and that offers the ability for customization. Whether you review the Oracle dashboard, the Zendesk Sell dashboard, or several other big names, there’s a lot that you have to consider in order to ensure you make the right choice.

Your CRM Dashboard: The Heart of the CRM Tool

The dashboard of your CRM is like the dashboard of your car. It gives you a quick glance at vital information to help you drive forward. Is the Oracle dashboard the right dashboard for your needs? It might be but how will you know unless you try it out as well as try out at least other tools. Zendesk Sell is well-known for its intuitive dashboard. The dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of your pipeline and the ability to drill down to more granular detail. You can easily see how many deals are active, and which of those deals are ‘hot’. You’ll also see how you’re doing in the past 30 days with how many you’ve won, how many you’ve lost, and there’s more info that can help you, too.

How easy it is to implement?

Zendesk Sell is known for being easy to implement with no training required. Not all CRM dashboards can say that. When you look at the Oracle dashboard look, also, at how easy it is to customize and find out what will be required to get it up and running. You don’t need downtime trying to get everyone accustomed to a new CRM.

How can I Learn More about Zendesk Sell and Other CRM Tools?

Most CRM tools are available to try before you buy. Some require you to buy and then offer a money back guarantee, too. Zendesk Sell is totally free to try without any commitment and no credit card to worry about if you choose not to continue using it. Checking out a variety of CRM tools can help you examine features, benefits, dashboards, and training requirements. Don’t stop at a Oracle dashboard if it’s all you’ve looked at so far. Even if it looks like it might have what you need, you owe it to yourself to check out Zendesk Sell, too, to find out what all the rave reviews are about.

If you are in the middle of your CRM search and actively reviewing a Oracle dashboard, add Zendesk Sell to your list. It will dramatically improve your sales productivity and customer relationships. Try it out today.