Oncontact Pricing vs Base Pricing

Finding an affordable and effective CRM is why you’re looking up Oncontact pricing but make sure you look at some additional options, too, to ensure you choose something that’s not only affordable but effective, as well.

Oncontact pricing

Reasons to consider Base CRM

Those looking at Oncontact pricing are looking at a cost per user but should also look at ongoing costs as well as efficacy of the CRM they are considering. Base CRM feedback from customers includes positive reviews about the fact that it’s easy to implement, works exceptionally well, and doesn’t require sales training. And with great cloud-based features and insightful reporting, it makes it not only easy to access and update but provides great business intelligence to help you forge ahead confidently, ready to achieve your sales goals, too.

Is Base customizable for my business CRM needs?

Small and large businesses need a certain level of customization in their CRM --- some more than others. Base allows you to name the stages in your pipeline, to include integration with other tools that you use, and it offers platform-independent access through a variety of tools like smartphones and tablets. You can also create customized reporting for managers or users that can be sliced and diced according to your preferences. When looking at Base’s $15/user per month vs Oncontact pricing, you can see why many prefer Base.

Can I use Base on my smartphone?

Not all CRMs work as well outside the office as they do on a computer and that’s unfortunate because busy salespeople don’t spend a whole lot of time in the office. But Base offers a fully-functional smartphone app that will work on your iOS, Windows, or Android phone. Base is the ultimate productivity tool for busy salespeople and relationship managers. When looking at Oncontact pricing, be sure to keep mobile capabilities near the top of your priority list!

How can I find out more?

Base is free to use for 14-days and you can start using it right here and right now with no commitment, no credit card required, and nothing stopping you from truly comparing it to Oncontact pricing.

When comparing Oncontact pricing to other CRM vendors, add Base to your evaluation list. It will dramatically improve your sales and customer relationships. Get started today.