Microsoft Dynamics trial vs Zendesk Sell trial

When you want to add a CRM to your business, you need to do some research. Take advantage of what a free Microsoft Dynamics trial offers so that you can conduct comparisons and make the right purchase.

Start a Zendesk Sell Trial

Microsoft Dynamics trial

Take Advantage of Free Trials When Doing CRM Research

A free trial of CRM software allows you the opportunity to step inside of the CRM and experience what it has to offer. You only get a glimpse of a CRM when you check out the overview, and you don't get the opportunity to work with the CRM when looking at screenshots of features. By taking advantage of a Microsoft Dynamics trial, you get two weeks to experience this CRM and compare it to other systems that may or may not work better for your company.

How Efficient Is Zendesk Sell?

Zendesk Sell helps your company operate more efficiently by providing your business with the organizational and customer relation tools it needs. You no longer have to use different spreadsheets and databases to upload information. Once you start using Zendesk Sell, you can import all or parts of your data over to Zendesk Sell and have it in easily accessible interface. You will see how efficient Zendesk Sell is to work with when you do a comparison to a Microsoft Dynamics trial.

How Simple Is the Implementation?

Zendesk Sell is quick and easy to get started. Once you sign up, your sales team can immediately begin importing data into the system. Zendesk Sell uses a simple drag and drop interface that makes it easy to move deals and contacts from one stage to another without having too many clicks. Zendesk Sell is not inundated with features either, so your sales team will not feel overwhelmed by the amount of work that goes into operating the CRM. When you look at a Microsoft Dynamics trial, you'll be able to compare the ease of implementation to other brands.

Is Zendesk Sell Available to Try for Free?

When you're ready to compare your Microsoft Dynamics trial to Zendesk Sell, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial of Zendesk Sell. You will get to see how easy it is to integrate Zendesk Sell into your current business practices. Your sales team will have time to review the CRM and provide feedback. Comparisons are imperative when making business purchases, but you can reap the benefits of Zendesk Sell for free when you experiment with a trial run.

If you are in the middle of your CRM search and starting a Microsoft Dynamics trial, add Zendesk Sell to your top CRM solutions. It will dramatically improve your sales and customer relationships. Try it out today.