Microsoft CRM Pricing vs Base Pricing

You should research Microsoft CRM pricing as well as competing CRM prices so you can find an affordable solution. But don’t forget to look at the features and benefits of each CRM tool you research as well as test drive each option.

Microsoft CRM pricing

Why evaluate other options like Base?

It’s smart to look at more than one CRM. Base is a well-known CRM with great features that let you do sales tracking and relationship management in a way that helps you be more productive and grow your business. Not only is it easy to implement, easy to customize, and scalable as your business grows but when you compare it against Microsoft CRM pricing you’ll see why so many businesses like yours are flocking to Base.

What does Base integrate with?

Comparing just Microsoft CRM pricing without looking at integrations with other applications can leave a business owner exposed to extra costs down the road when they have to make tools work together that don’t do that automatically. Base, though, integrates well with a number of software tools like email, social media, and your website. At only $15 per user each month you’ll have a plethora of features and benefits that aren’t available with many other CRM tools and you won’t have to worry about administration as Base is cloud-based and supported by the makers of Base, Future Simple.

Can I use Base outside the office?

Base is, as all CRMs should be --- totally mobile. A CRM shouldn’t tie you to your desk. A CRM should help you be free to grow your territory and boost your success. Base doesn’t require you to be at your office. It has a fully capable smartphone app that lets you quickly and easily update your deals on the fly. You can also access great robust reports that help you see where you can pinpoint efforts for enhanced success. When you compare Microsoft CRM pricing to Base pricing and look at the features and benefits, look at the tools against one another so you can see where the pros and cons are for each option. A demo is a great way to do that.

How can I find out more?

Base is free to use for 14-days and you can start using it right here and right now with no commitment, no credit card required, and nothing stopping you from truly comparing it to Microsoft CRM pricing.

When comparing Microsoft CRM pricing to other CRM vendors, add Base to your evaluation list. It will dramatically improve your sales and customer relationships. Get started today.