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A lead tracking sheet isn't contributing to growth for your business

Many people keep using a lead tracking sheet out of habit and fail to realize that there are much better ways to track and manage their day to day clients and projects. If you're using an archaic method of managing things, such as a lead tracking sheet, there are easier and more effective ways to do it. Implementing a better way won't just help you do better at keeping track of things but it will also help you grow your business, too.

Why is a lead tracking sheet archaic?

A lead tracking sheet that many people use, doesn't work with sales funnel methodologies. Sales funnels involve inserting clients in and systematically walking them through the sales cycle. There's nothing automatic about a lead tracking sheet. It's not going to alert or remind you of when to take action and it's not going to help you discover what went wrong in the sales process when leads didn't turn into wins. With a lead tracking sheet, you're running things very manually --- which goes against the idea of the sales funnel.

Safeguard your information, too.

A lead tracking sheet way of keeping things in a list format isn't very conducive to a solid disaster preparedness plan, either. What if there was a major technology failure? How would you fare without a lead tracking sheet? And if you own a company and allow salespeople to manage clients through a lead tracking sheet alone what's stopping them from deleting that vital data before leaving the company? A more automated solution is a safer, more secure, and much more practical way to managing deals and customers.

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