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Don't risk loosing data when you manage your sales with a lead tracking excel template. Why not use great and free online tools to effectively track your sales?

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A lead tracking excel template isn't contributing to growth for your business

Many people keep using a lead tracking excel template out of habit and fail to realize that there are much better ways to track and manage their day to day clients and projects. If you're using an archaic method of managing things, such as a lead tracking excel template, there are easier and more effective ways to do it. Implementing a better way won't just help you do better at keeping track of things but it will also help you grow your business, too.

Benefits of a visual sales tracking tool

Unlike a lead tracking excel template, a visual pipeline management tool doesn't require scrolling to find information. It provides you with a general overview of things that you can then drill deeper with. A lead tracking excel template doesn't offer these types of features and benefits and it doesn't alert you to potential issues and problems that could be corrected before they happen. A specially designed visual sales tracking tool also won't result in accidental loss of information which can so easily happen with a lead tracking excel template.

Streamline your sales activities and boost productivity

Instead of letting a lead tracking excel template hold you back, consider upgrading to something that is easier to use and that provides you with more value. No, it doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars and several weeks to implement. It can be simple to use and provide many more bells and whistles than a lead tracking excel template.

There is a better way with Zendesk Sell

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