Lead management sheet

Don't risk loosing data when you manage your sales with a lead management sheet. Why not use great and free online tools to effectively track your sales?

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Improve client follow up and productivity without a lead management sheet

How good are you at client follow up? Do you feel like you're as productive and as proactive as you can be? A big difference in productivity can come when you transition from a lead management sheet that is manually managed and begin leveraging the potential of an automated customer relationship management tool.

Benefits of a visual sales tracking tool

Unlike a lead management sheet, a visual pipeline management tool doesn't require scrolling to find information. It provides you with a general overview of things that you can then drill deeper with. A lead management sheet doesn't offer these types of features and benefits and it doesn't alert you to potential issues and problems that could be corrected before they happen. A specially designed visual sales tracking tool also won't result in accidental loss of information which can so easily happen with a lead management sheet.

Proactive sales people close more deals

What is a lead management sheet you're using now doing to help you close deals? What's it doing to help you be more proactive? People who use a more automated solution get more things done in a day. It's easier to prioritize tasks when you've got an overview of everything that's happening, divided by what stage the deal is at. A lead management sheet isn't that intuitive!

A Much More Automated Solution

The Zendesk Sell Starter edition is a free and excellent alternative to a lead management sheet you're using. By using this easy and effective tool to track contacts, deals, and relationships, you can better manage your daily activities and become more proactive. You can also gather insightful information about your business through robust reporting. Sign up for free and see why it's better for you and for your customers.

Zendesk Sell is the fastest growing lead management sheet on the market. It will dramatically improve your sales and customer relationships. Get started today.