Fusion CRM trial vs Zendesk Sell trial

A free Fusion CRM trial is a great place to start comparing how different CRM systems help you with customer relations. Don't jump too quickly with your decision before you try out free trials of different CRM systems.

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Trial Runs Help You Embrace a CRM

A Fusion CRM trial allows you to look at all of the tools and features of a CRM and compare it to other vendors on the market. The purpose of a CRM is to help your business grow by streamlining your workflow and making it easier to build customer relationships. Until you actually get inside of a CRM interface and play around with all of the tools and features, it can be difficult choosing the best one for your business. That's why a trial run is important before you invest.

How Does Zendesk Sell Improve Business Efficiency?

A great CRM allows you to become more efficient when conducting business with clients. Zendesk Sell helps improve efficiency by putting all of the information your sales team needs in one easily accessible place. The dashboard of Zendesk Sell is one place where your sales reps can see what's happening with clients in a particular deal, who needs to be contacted, who's about to convert from a lead to a client, and what the sales pipeline looks like. This makes your sales team more productive because they no longer need to jump around different databases looking for information. Compare a Fusion CRM trial to Zendesk Sell to see how it matches up and meets your expectations.

How Are the Integration Features?

Zendesk Sell integrates seamlessly with other technologies that your business uses. Do you want to use Zendesk Sell with your social media? Connect it to Facebook. Do you want PDFs, images, word docs and photos to automatically import and connect to certain contacts? Zendesk Sell comes with document storage or even add your Dropbox account. There are numerous integrations available through Zendesk Sell, and you will see when you do a Fusion CRM trial that integrative features are imperative for business efficiency.

Is Zendesk Sell Available to Try for Free?

When you're ready to compare your Fusion CRM trial to Zendesk Sell, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial of Zendesk Sell. You will get to see how easy it is to integrate Zendesk Sell into your current business practices. Your sales team will have time to review the CRM and provide feedback. Comparisons are imperative when making business purchases, but you can reap the benefits of Zendesk Sell for free when you experiment with a trial run.

If you are in the middle of your CRM search and starting a Fusion CRM trial, add Zendesk Sell to your top CRM solutions. It will dramatically improve your sales and customer relationships. Try it out today.