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Are you talented, hungry and ready to make a dent in the universe? We have a big vision and a small, but highly talented team. Every one of us has the opportunity to make an enormous impact on the productivity of millions. Future Simple is an amazing place for self-driven and dynamic people who solve big problems that disrupt a multi-billion dollar industry. Help build a great environment and surround yourself with some of the smartest people you will ever meet. We move quickly and don't mess around. Come work with us.

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Web Developer

Every user-facing feature starts with the Web Development Team. This team does it all. They are responsible for the design, development and deployment of code on the server side. This can range from developing rich web experiences to designing and developing the APIs used by all of our interfaces.

If you are a great Web Developer who wants to solve big problems, it's time for us to talk.

  • Extensive web development experience with any of the following: Ruby, Javascript, Python
  • Expert knowledge about web-related tools and frameworks
  • Drive to constantly develop and learn new things
Nice to have:
  • TDD experience
  • Extensive experience with CSS and HTML
  • GitHub account
  • Commits to open source projects