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Data Scientist

Are you passionate about getting knowledge? Do you question old wives' tales, unless the null hyphothesis is rejected? Do you have this feeling... that often there is something more that can be done? We are looking for someone that will join the Growth² Team and participate in providing disruptive business intelligence solutions.

Future Simple is an elite team of passionate hackers who face challenges that have never been faced before. If you find yourself dreaming about testing your analytic skills, we'd like to hear from you.

Required experience with at least one of following and willing to learn the others:
  • Strong Javascript and HTML5 skills
  • Good understanding of data mining and machine learning algorithms
  • Experience with Big Data techniques, including Map/Reduce and NoSQL
Nice to have:
  • Good knowledge of Ruby
  • Experience with D3.js
  • Strong system scripting and programming skills
  • Knowledge of R or other statistical software
  • Computational Linguistics skills
  • Experience with Amazon EC2