who we are

Changing the world takes building a team that is ambitious, serious, smart, energetic and talented. We're not sure about the serious part but the team we're building at Future Simple definitely meets the other criteria. We are constantly looking for talented developers and designers to join our team. If you are one or know anyone who is, shoot us an email at iamawesome@futuresimple.com

Uzi Uzi Shmilovici / CEO
Bart Bart Kiszala / VP Products
Pawel Paweł Niżnik / CTO
Bundu Marcin Bunsch / R&D Manager
Szymon Szymon Pawlik / UX Guard
Michal Michał Bugno / Code Whiz
Antek Antek 104 Piechnik / Code Whiz
Przemek Przemek Owczarek / Code Whiz
Blazej Błażej Biesiada / Code Whiz
Josh Josh Bean / Marketing Hacker
Pawel Pawel Wolak / UX Guard
Tomek Tomek Romaniuk / Code Whiz
Artur Artur Glier / Code Whiz
Piotr Piotr Nedzynski / COO
Pawel Pawel Obrok / Code Whiz
Jerzy Jerzy Chalupski / Code Whiz
Tomek Tomek Werbicki / Code Whiz
Eden Łukasz Badura / Code Whiz
Eden Eden Halperin / Lead Designer
Jose Valim José Valim / Advisory Board
Jordan Witkov Jordan Witkov / Marketing Ninja
Rob McLennan Rob McLennan / Money Man
Wojtek Franke Wojtek Franke / UX Guard
Przemek Maciołek Przemek Maciołek / Growth
Hal Hal / Chief Robot

We've all been there. We've all started small businesses. We've all found it unbelievably hard to find great software products that will help us manage our businesses. This is how Future Simple was born.

Future Simple was founded in 2009 by Uzi Shmilovici, Bart Kiszala, Pawel Niznik, Ela Madej and Agata Mazur. Across timezones and continents, we all founded small businesses. As our companies grew, we experienced the pain that small businesses and freelancers experience every day. Overwhelming responsibilities, operational issues and tasks to complete turn time into the most important resource for the small business owner/manager.

We all turned to software to help us ease the pain, automate processes and become more productive. Alas, the existing software was cumbersome, disconnected and just added to our frustration. We wondered how is it possible that in 2009, there are no simple solutions for small businesses. The internet was booming with great consumer products but business software seemed to be neglected. We felt that there's no reason for people to have great consumer experiences and poor business software (or enterprise software) ones.

This is how Future Simple was born. Simple software for small businesses. We did it for ourselves. We do it for you.