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A CRM is a great tool to help your business analyze its process and streamline your profits. Use a free trial to start making comparisons among CRM systems.

Start a Zendesk Sell Trial trial

Don't Bypass a Trial Run of a CRM. It's Free.

When you begin comparing CRM systems, you may be tempted to choose a CRM based off an overview, videos or screenshots of different features. Don't make your decision that quickly. Take advantage of the free trials offered by the different vendors because this is what really lets you experience what a CRM can do for your business. Don't stop at a trial either. Take a look at all of the free trials over the two-week period so you can make an informed decision.

Does Zendesk Sell Help with Customer Relations?

Zendesk Sell can help you maintain the customer relationships you've worked so hard to obtain. By providing an easy interface for your sales team, it takes only minutes for a sales rep to update the CRM with new information on a contact. If a rep makes a call to a contact, that call can be logged and the rep can provide notes for other team members. This way a whole team can know what's going on with each contact, even if they've never had any personal contact with that contact before. You can also manage the sales reps and see how well certain reps work with contacts, allowing you to make any necessary changes. Make sure your trial explains its' customer relationship tools to insure that you compare accurately to other CRM systems.

Does Zendesk Sell Provide Sales Reports?

Zendesk Sell offers visual analytical reports to help you compare yearly, monthly, and daily sales, forecasting. These reports analyze your business metrics to help you understand where your company is succeeding and where it needs extra attention. When you compare a trial to Zendesk Sell, look at the different reporting features, like lead sources, sale sources, and conversion rates, to determine which CRM offers what you want.

Is Zendesk Sell Available to Try for Free?

When you're ready to compare your trial to Zendesk Sell, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial of Zendesk Sell. You will get to see how easy it is to integrate Zendesk Sell into your current business practices. Your sales team will have time to review the CRM and provide feedback. Comparisons are imperative when making business purchases, but you can reap the benefits of Zendesk Sell for free when you experiment with a trial run.

If you are in the middle of your CRM search and starting a trial, add Zendesk Sell to your top CRM solutions. It will dramatically improve your sales and customer relationships. Try it out today.