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Are you shopping around with the intention to purchase a new CRM for your business? A comparison is a great jumping off point for evaluating different brands.

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CRM Comparison Shopping Made Easy

If you're engaging in a comparison then you're a smart worker who understands how important a good customer relationship management tool is for your growth and profits. Zendesk Sell is a customer management tool meant to help you foster the customer relations you've worked hard to build. Zendesk Sell puts all of your contact information and sales leads in an easily accessible dashboard that allows you to quickly pull up the information you need.

Integrations Are Essential

Integrations are key to a successful CRM. Zendesk Sell understands the need to integrate popular social media and business software vendors into your CRM. When you look at Zendesk Sell and do a comparison, you'll notice that Zendesk Sell allows you to integrate Outlook, Google, Facebook, Quoteroller, Dropbox, and more. This is just one way that Zendesk Sell works to make you more successful.

Reports Help Track Success

It's important to do a comparison on the type of sales reports you can get from the CRM. With Zendesk Sell, you are able to see reports on your sales pipeline, your goals, your marketing success, and the calls you place using Zendesk Sell Voice. The CRM automatically tracks information for you, so you don't need to waste time with data input in order to create insightful analytical reports. Reports can also be tagged and organized by team, sales rep, or date.

Compare Zendesk Sell when Shopping

You must be attentive when shopping for a CRM. You don't want to stop at a comparison and consider your research finished. There are so many different features and tools within Zendesk Sell that if you don't compare it when considering a purchase, you will be missing out on a CRM that could change the way you do business.

When searching for a comparison, add Zendesk Sell to your evaluation list. It will dramatically improve your sales and customer relationships. Get started today.