Capsule trial vs Base trial

Do you want a CRM that understands what small to mid-sized businesses need? Compare a Capsule trial to other trials and you'll find out which systems understand the needs of the business the best.

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Compare CRM Systems with a Free Trial

A CRM can make your business life easier by helping you streamline your sales, deals and contacts. Consider running a Capsule trial before purchasing to better understand how different CRM systems work. While you'll be attracted to all of the features and tools offered, remember that you must compare overall costs, including training and implementation costs.

Does Base Help with Customer Relations?

Base can help you maintain the customer relationships you've worked so hard to obtain. By providing an easy interface for your sales team, it takes only minutes for a sales rep to update the CRM with new information on a contact. If a rep makes a call to a contact, that call can be logged and the rep can provide notes for other team members. This way a whole team can know what's going on with each contact, even if they've never had any personal contact with that contact before. You can also manage the sales reps and see how well certain reps work with contacts, allowing you to make any necessary changes. Make sure your Capsule trial explains its' customer relationship tools to insure that you compare accurately to other CRM systems.

How Are the Integration Features?

Base integrates seamlessly with other technologies that your business uses. Do you want to use Base with your social media? Connect it to Facebook. Do you want PDFs, images, word docs and photos to automatically import and connect to certain contacts? Base comes with document storage or even add your Dropbox account. There are numerous integrations available through Base, and you will see when you do a Capsule trial that integrative features are imperative for business efficiency.

Is Base Available to Try for Free?

Just like a Capsule trial, Base is available to try for free. You get access to the sales pipeline, customer tracking, lead capture, mobile CRM, and more when you take advantage of the free trial. For two weeks you can see how Base can help your business grow and operate more efficiently. You don't have to second-guess your CRM choice when you actually utilize the CRM before making an investment.

If you are in the middle of your CRM search and starting a Capsule trial, add Base to your top CRM solutions. It will dramatically improve your sales and customer relationships. Try it out today.