Capsule Pricing vs Base Pricing

Looking at Capsule pricing to find out if it’s in your price range? Affordability, functionality, and user adoption are all important when implementing a CRM.

Capsule pricing

What makes Base a contender?

There are many different CRM tools to compare and it’s important to compare features and benefits as well as Capsule pricing. Base is getting an increasing amount of attention and recognition for strong features and usability, especially when compared to competing CRM options. This sales tracking tool does more than log clients and deals. It also offers great integration with other tools as well as insightful reporting features for users and managers, too. And salespeople don’t need to take a course to learn how to use it. It’s intuitive and works the way you work. With a few clicks or screen swipes you can be logging your deals and generating data that could help you with growth, too.

What does Base integrate with?

Comparing just Capsule pricing without looking at integrations with other applications can leave a business owner exposed to extra costs down the road when they have to make tools work together that don’t do that automatically. Base, though, integrates well with a number of software tools like email, social media, and your website. At only $15 per user each month you’ll have a plethora of features and benefits that aren’t available with many other CRM tools and you won’t have to worry about administration as Base is cloud-based and supported by the makers of Base, Future Simple.

Does Base work on any mobile device?

It’s so frustrating when a CRM doesn’t work with the tool you need it to work with! That’s not the case with Base. Whether you’re an iPhone owner, love your Android device, or you wouldn’t give up your Windows Phone for anything you’ve got a great solution in Base. It doesn’t care what mobile phone your colleagues have, either. The collaborative features are amazing and help teams work more cohesively. With Base you’ve always got the latest information, whether you’re on your phone, your tablet, or your desktop. When searching Capsule pricing comparisons be sure to think about how a CRM will impact the other tools that you and your team consider to be essential!

Can you show me how it works?

Feel free to take a free tour of Base here for 14-days. There’s no need for a credit card. Just sign up and give it a try. Those who look at Capsule pricing or pricing of any other CRM tool need to look for more than the cheapest CRM out there. Base gives you great features at a very affordable price.

When comparing Capsule pricing to other CRM vendors, add Base to your evaluation list. It will dramatically improve your sales and customer relationships. Get started today.