Campaigner CRM Pricing vs Base Pricing

You want to know about Campaigner CRM pricing so you can be sure you buy a CRM that’s affordable. Here are some other things to keep in mind, too.

Campaigner CRM pricing

Why should I consider Base CRM pricing?

When you compare Campaigner CRM pricing to the costs of other tools, you have to take into account what’s included as well as what’s not included. Additional costs could mean that it costs much more than you think to use this as a CRM solution. Base is a CRM that offers a great number of bells and whistles and this cloud-based option enables you and your team to worry about nurturing and growing relationships rather than dealing with the cumbersome elements of a self-hosted CRM option.

Is Base customizable for my business CRM needs?

Small and large businesses need a certain level of customization in their CRM --- some more than others. Base allows you to name the stages in your pipeline, to include integration with other tools that you use, and it offers platform-independent access through a variety of tools like smartphones and tablets. You can also create customized reporting for managers or users that can be sliced and diced according to your preferences. When looking at Base’s $15/user per month vs Campaigner CRM pricing, you can see why many prefer Base.

Can I use Base outside the office?

Base is, as all CRMs should be --- totally mobile. A CRM shouldn’t tie you to your desk. A CRM should help you be free to grow your territory and boost your success. Base doesn’t require you to be at your office. It has a fully capable smartphone app that lets you quickly and easily update your deals on the fly. You can also access great robust reports that help you see where you can pinpoint efforts for enhanced success. When you compare Campaigner CRM pricing to Base pricing and look at the features and benefits, look at the tools against one another so you can see where the pros and cons are for each option. A demo is a great way to do that.

Can you show me how it works?

Feel free to take a free tour of Base here for 14-days. There’s no need for a credit card. Just sign up and give it a try. Those who look at Campaigner CRM pricing or pricing of any other CRM tool need to look for more than the cheapest CRM out there. Base gives you great features at a very affordable price.

When comparing Campaigner CRM pricing to other CRM vendors, add Base to your evaluation list. It will dramatically improve your sales and customer relationships. Get started today.