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Why a business contacts excel doesn't help you develop a profitable sales funnel

Can you have a profitable sales funnel with a business contacts excel? Sure, you could do okay at sales. But if you're working with archaic tools and rudimentary techniques, you'll be doing things the hard way. A business contacts excel has substantial limitations and leaves room for mistakes and important things to slip between the cracks. There are much better ways to effectively manage your sales funnel.

Improve forecasting, deal tracking, and CRM

A business contacts excel might have served you reasonably well in the past but part of the reason for that is that you probably didn't know there was an easier way to do things. More automated software lets you share this info without having to email the most current version, lets you collaborate on projects with others, allows you to attach contracts, quotes, emails, and other documentation to your dashboard so that you have everything in one place, and it can help you get revealing reports that can help you with strategic planning for the future. A business contacts excel won't do these things for you.

Safeguard your information, too.

A business contacts excel way of keeping things in a list format isn't very conducive to a solid disaster preparedness plan, either. What if there was a major technology failure? How would you fare without a business contacts excel? And if you own a company and allow salespeople to manage clients through a business contacts excel alone what's stopping them from deleting that vital data before leaving the company? A more automated solution is a safer, more secure, and much more practical way to managing deals and customers.

There is a better way with Zendesk Sell

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