Basecamp Dashboard vs Zendesk Sell Dashboard

Wondering what the Basecamp dashboard has compared to dashboards in other CRM tools? Examining the dashboard of a few tools is a great way to figure out which one might work best for your company.

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Basecamp dashboard

Track Performance While Boosting Productivity with Your CRM

A good CRM does a great job of keeping information related to your customers and leads in one central place. From deals, to contact info, to leads, and other important info the CRM dashboard can help you plan and manage your day, week, month, etc. It can also help you see if you are on track to meet goals and objectives, too. Examining a Basecamp dashboard a Zendesk Sell dashboard, and possibly even a few other dashboards before you select a CRM solution for your business can help you ensure that the dashboard truly does help you do your job better.

How it Helps with Productivity

How can measuring the Basecamp dashboard against the Zendesk Sell dashboard help with your productivity? Picking the right CRM should dramatically streamline your day. Zendesk Sell is customizable and works great for managers and salespeople alike. You’ll see what you need to see so that you can focus on closing more deals and increasing your sales.

Will Training Cause a Lot of Down Time?

Complex dashboards can be intimidating to salespeople who are accustomed to working with paper calendars or excel spreadsheets for tracking their sales pipeline. When you examine the Basecamp dashboard and compare it to other tools, you have to ask yourself how easily you can get your team up and running with this new tool. A demo is a good way to see what it will take to fully implement your new CRM.

Can I Take a Closer Look at Zendesk Sell?

We would be thrilled if you would take Zendesk Sell for a test drive. Sign up here for free and you can be using it in minutes. You’re wise to look at a few different tools and in particular at the various dashboards available. Then you can determine whether the Basecamp dashboard is right for you or not. It takes a number of features to have a great CRM and when you examine all your options closely you’ll ensure that you pick a tool that maximizes your ability to thrive and grow. Zendesk Sell is recognized for great features, a powerful dashboard, mobile capabilities, and scalability. Best of all, it starts at just $15/user per month. Try it for free and see what it can do for you.

If you are in the middle of your CRM search and actively reviewing a Basecamp dashboard, add Zendesk Sell to your list. It will dramatically improve your sales productivity and customer relationships. Try it out today.