Basecamp comparison chart

Creating a checklist when shopping for a CRM can help you when making a Basecamp comparison to other CRM vendors. A checklist will also help you figure out which features are most important for your business.

Basecamp comparison

Compare Tools and Features of Popular CRM Systems

The tools and features of a CRM are what make each system unique from one another. You can start looking at different tools and features with a Basecamp comparison. When shopping around, keep in mind that you need to evaluate the pricing structure of a CRM, the mobility features, and how easy it is to implement into your business. Keep the overall picture in your mind of adding this tool to your business and you'll make the right decision when choosing a CRM.

Integrations Are Essential

Integrations are key to a successful CRM. Base understands the need to integrate popular social media and business software vendors into your CRM. When you look at Base and do a Basecamp comparison, you'll notice that Base allows you to integrate Outlook, Google, Facebook, Quoteroller, Dropbox, and more. This is just one way that Base works to make you more successful.

To Customize or Not

Some business owners don't want to worry about customization, while others love the option. However, most business owners are somewhere in the middle. Too much customization means a lot of time spent away from customer acquisition, but too little customization and the CRM feels too basic. When you conduct a Basecamp comparison to Base, you will notice that Base offers the opportunity to customize or not. Your sales team can work directly in Base without having to spend hours on special customization projects. It's up to you how much you want to customize Base for your business.

How Do I Compare Further?

You can complete a Basecamp comparison by using a Base free trial to experience how Base compares to other competing CRM systems. It's important to understand the full range of what Base can do for your company, so downloading the free trial lets you immerse yourself in all of the features and tools of Base.

When searching for a Basecamp comparison, add Base to your evaluation list. It will dramatically improve your sales and customer relationships. Get started today.