Apps for outside sales reps

Use a CRM to be more organized and effective, resulting in the ability to build better customer relationships with prospective and current clients.

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If you're looking for amazing apps for outside sales reps, then you need to consider Zendesk Sell. Zendesk Sell is a leading way to improve sales efficiency when out in the field. The interface lets you target your marketing based on the client, improve your lead qualifications information, and have every client's contact information readily available. With email integration features, you can easily send and receive emails from clients and track messages based on the associated client. With a thorough sales pipeline, sales insights, and comprehensive sales reports, Zendesk Sell puts everything you need to conduct business all in one place.

Create a Lead System

Every salesperson relies on new business. A quality lead management tracker is the perfect solution for sales reps. Apps for outside sales reps can help you log leads, including the pertinent information to remind you about the prospective client so that you can begin to build a relationship. You can log where or how you got the lead, why the lead is interested in your service or product, and any details that help you better sell the product to the prospective client. If you reward partners for providing leads, you can create a system within Zendesk Sell that lets you see which partners recommended which leads so that you can provide benefits to the right partners.

Manage and Measure Profits

Need to know the forecasted profits from a particular client? Want to see how much you've earned for the company this quarter and compare it to last quarter? With financial apps for outside sales reps integrated into Zendesk Sell, you can create forecast reports and other financial organizers to keep you on track. Based on the information you input with just a few strokes or screen swipes, Zendesk Sell will show you what you can expect to earn at the end of a closed deal, or the anticipated profits you'll receive all year from a certain client. You can leverage great automated reports to plan strategies for your clients for the future, too.

Compare Zendesk Sell to Other CRMs and See for Yourself

The best way to figure out if a tool you’re looking at is the best in class for apps for outside sales reps is to put it to the test and use it for a few days. Whenever you look at a new tool that could dramatically change the way you work it’s important to do some comparison shopping. We’ve made it easy for you to see why Zendesk Sell is the ideal tool to take you from feeling scattered to organized and from feeling like you’re in react-mode to being a consistently proactive professional. Try it out for free for 14 days and see for yourself.

Zendesk Sell has the fastest growing apps for outside sales reps on the market. It will dramatically improve your sales pipeline and customer relationships. Get started with a free trial today.