Act Dashboard vs Zendesk Sell Dashboard

The dashboard of a CRM will tell you how well your sales team is performing. It's important a Act dashboard is easy to understand while telling you where you can improve in your sales pipeline.

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Act dashboard

Compare CRM Dashboards to Find the Best One for Your Business

When you look at the Act dashboard as well as other dashboards, think about the fact that a CRM dashboard is the heart of any CRM out there and that it will tell you a lot about the functionality of the software. Zendesk Sell is known for having a slick-looking dashboard that can significantly boost sales productivity because everything important to your day is there at your fingertips.

How it Helps with Productivity

How can measuring the Act dashboard against the Zendesk Sell dashboard help with your productivity? Picking the right CRM should dramatically streamline your day. Zendesk Sell is customizable and works great for managers and salespeople alike. You’ll see what you need to see so that you can focus on closing more deals and increasing your sales.

Do I Want / Need a Customizable CRM Dashboard?

Seeing a variety of things on your Act dashboard or Zendesk Sell dashboard could help you manage your day. Top deals, to-do tasks, total pipeline worth, and other information will help you best tackle each day and ensure nothing important slips your attention. A Zendesk Sell dashboard compared to a spreadsheet, for example, will help you see where your time is best served. And you won’t have to continually re-shuffle priorities manually because your CRM will do that for you. Each sales team member can see what’s important to them and managers can customize their dashboard, too.

How can I Learn More about Zendesk Sell and Other CRM Tools?

Most CRM tools are available to try before you buy. Some require you to buy and then offer a money back guarantee, too. Zendesk Sell is totally free to try without any commitment and no credit card to worry about if you choose not to continue using it. Checking out a variety of CRM tools can help you examine features, benefits, dashboards, and training requirements. Don’t stop at a Act dashboard if it’s all you’ve looked at so far. Even if it looks like it might have what you need, you owe it to yourself to check out Zendesk Sell, too, to find out what all the rave reviews are about.

If you are in the middle of your CRM search and actively reviewing a Act dashboard, add Zendesk Sell to your list. It will dramatically improve your sales productivity and customer relationships. Try it out today.